Senyu Shimamura(True name:Mitsuru Shimamura)-The master of Sanki-tei Baisa-ryu
He was born in Hiroshima in 1951. After graduating from Hiroshima University (majored history department, college of humanities) started activities as a young professional tea-master and deputy master. In 1981 he succeeded to the master. In 1998 the Agency for Cultural Affairs permitted to found Sencha tea seremony Sanki-tei Baisa-ryu Foundation.


We try to realize the contemporary fusion of Baisa-O's spirits and Literary man's Salon. We advocate "Sencha tea ceremony and Literary man's flower arrangement no matter when, where, and who" , create the moment of article truth in daily life, and share the pleasure with people.

MOTTOES-The beginning of our tea ceremony

Do you lead true Sencha tea ceremony life?
Do you enjoy learning?
Do you share elegant and tasteful time with the guests?
Do you always do your bests to serve hearty and good tea?


Around 1890 a young man started on a trip throughout the country to become the man of letters. At the end of is long journey finally he found the words of Baisa-O by chance, and sympathized with "The words of Baisa-O". I wonder he knew or not that Baisa-O also had hard-traveled in his young days. It is said a man might understand the world through his own experience. Since then he improved the way of Sencha tea ceremony that he had followed the example of his father, and started to spread it as Baisa-Ryu.As the truth that he gained by his efforts|for his first step following his father's and grand father's.
@For 100 years, there are so many helps |various tea ceremony parties or enthusiastic flower exhibitions| of people who sympathized his idea until we were authorized as a foundation. Because of their cooperation we shared joy and pleasure, respected ,and all united. "After completion, Sench tea ceremony would be organizes as a form of arts. But the most important thing is not the system as result but our life|whether we can live our lives truly by making use of Sencha tea ceremony or not. I think the process to try it is important."
@This is the speech when I succeeded to the Master and I have advocated since then. For 20 years the head and branch offices have kept studying to reach for the spirit of Sencha tea ceremony by constant and steady practices. There must be some difficulties, but we are contented with joy and believe that dreams come true.


@We'd like to provide you with some ideas to content your lives through Sencha tea ceremony and flower arrangement. You can start by own yourself. Then next, you may share your pleasures with people around you. It is a Salon. Pleasures might grant peaceful and certain joyfulness to you and your friends. Please repeat that, and you can take a great harmony with your own life.

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